Commercial RO Plant

Commercial RO Plant

This project entails the development and installation of a comprehensive commercial Reverse Osmosis System. The system encompasses various essential components and features to ensure efficient and reliable water treatment. Below is a detailed breakdown of the key elements involved:

  1. Low-Pressure Feed Pump (New or Refurbished):
    • Responsible for initiating the water treatment process by facilitating the intake of water into the system.
  2. Multi-Media Filter:
    • Functions to remove impurities and particles from the water through a layered filtration process.
  3. Activated Carbon Filter:
    • Utilizes activated carbon to absorb and eliminate organic contaminants and undesirable odors from the water.
  4. Cartridge Assembly 5M:
    • Incorporates a 5-micron cartridge for finer filtration, ensuring the removal of smaller particles from the water.
  5. Cartridge Assembly 1M:
    • Features a 1-micron cartridge for even finer filtration, enhancing the purification process.
  6. Frame (Mild Steel or Stainless Steel):
    • Provides structural support and durability to the entire system, with options for either mild steel or stainless steel construction.
  7. High-Pressure Pump and Motor (New or Refurbished):
    • Generates the necessary pressure to drive water through the reverse osmosis membrane.
  8. Reverse Osmosis High-Pressure Housing:
    • Contains the reverse osmosis membrane, facilitating the separation of impurities from the water.
  9. Reverse Osmosis High-Pressure Membrane Housing:
    • Houses the membrane responsible for the selective filtration of water molecules.
  10. High-Pressure Concentrate Valve:
    • Manages the concentration of impurities that are separated from the purified water during the reverse osmosis process.
  11. Pressure Gauges:
    • Monitors and displays the pressure levels within the system, ensuring optimal performance.
  12. High/Low-Pressure Switches:
    • Act as safety measures by regulating pressure within predefined limits.
  13. Online Flow Meter:
    • Measures the rate of water flow through the system in real-time.
  14. Online TDS Meter:
    • Monitors the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) concentration in the treated water, indicating its purity.
  15. Online Dosing Pump:
    • Facilitates the controlled addition of chemicals for further water treatment if required.
  16. CIP System (Optional):
    • Offers a Cleaning-in-Place system for periodic maintenance and sanitation.
  17. Online Flushing System (SOV):
    • Enables an online flushing process to maintain the integrity and efficiency of the system.
  18. Control Panel (PLC Optional):
    • Provides a centralized interface for monitoring and controlling the various system parameters.
  19. Hour Meter:
    • Records the cumulative operating time of the system for maintenance purposes.
  20. Panel Accessories:
    • Includes additional components and features to enhance the functionality of the control panel.
  21. All High-Pressure Fittings (UPVC or Stainless Steel):
    • Utilizes either UPVC or stainless steel fittings, ensuring compatibility and durability in high-pressure conditions.
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  • 24 November 2023
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