Mineral Water Plant
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Mineral Water Plant

Our Mineral Water Plant in Pakistan is equipped with various components and features to ensure the production of high-quality drinking water. Here is a detailed elaboration of each component:

  1. Raw Water Storage Tank:
    • This tank stores the untreated water before the purification process begins.
  2. Low-Pressure Feed Pump (New or Refurbished):
    • Responsible for supplying water to the subsequent stages of the purification system.
  3. Multi-Media Filter:
    • Removes impurities and particles from the water through a filtration process using multiple types of media.
  4. Activated Carbon Filter:
    • Utilizes activated carbon to absorb organic contaminants, odors, and chlorine from the water.
  5. Cartridge Assembly 5M and 1M:
    • Filters with different micron ratings to remove finer particles and ensure water clarity.
  6. Frame (Mild Steel or Stainless Steel):
    • Provides structural support for the various components of the water purification system.
  7. High-Pressure Pump and Motor (New or Refurbished):
    • Increases the water pressure to facilitate the reverse osmosis process.
  8. Reverse Osmosis High-Pressure Housing:
    • Facilitates the reverse osmosis process, removing dissolved impurities from the water.
  9. Reverse Osmosis High-Pressure Membrane Housing:
    • Contains the membranes that selectively allow water molecules to pass through while rejecting contaminants.
  10. High-Pressure Concentrate Valve:
    • Manages the concentration of impurities in the rejected water.
  11. Pressure Gauges:
    • Monitors and displays the pressure levels in the system.
  12. High/Low Pressure Switches:
    • Activates or deactivates components based on pressure thresholds.
  13. Online Flow Meter:
    • Measures the flow rate of water through the system in real-time.
  14. Online TDS Meter:
    • Monitors the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water to assess its purity.
  15. CIP System (Optional):
    • Cleaning-in-Place system for automated cleaning of the system’s interior surfaces.
  16. Online Flushing System [SOV]:
    • Enables online flushing of the system for maintenance purposes.
  17. Control Panel (PLC Optional):
    • Manages and controls the various functions of the water purification system.
  18. Panel Accessories:
    • Additional components and features supporting the control panel.
  19. Dosing Pump Anti Scale, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Chlorine Dioxide:
    • Adds specific chemicals in controlled amounts to regulate water hardness and disinfection.
  20. Ultra Violet Lamps:
    • Provides additional disinfection by eliminating microorganisms from the water.
  21. Product Water Storage Tank:
    • Stores the purified water before distribution.
  22. Ozone Generator:
    • Utilizes ozone for disinfection purposes.
  23. Manual Filling Washing Station (19 Liter/1500 ml/600ml/6 liter):
    • Allows manual filling of different-sized containers.
  24. Filling Pump:
    • Facilitates the filling of containers with purified water.
  25. 0.2 Micron Filter:
    • Captures very fine particles to ensure the highest water quality.
  26. Ultra Violet Lamps (again):
    • Additional UV treatment for further disinfection.
  27. All High-Pressure Fittings (UPVC or Stainless Steel):
    • Ensures durability and reliability of the high-pressure components.

In summary, each component plays a crucial role in the overall purification process, from initial filtration to the final disinfection, ensuring the production of safe and clean drinking water.

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  • 24 November 2023
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